Amadi Cover 1.jpg

The Rub

(Short Film)

We are in post-production for the film I wrote and starred in. It's about a new mom getting shoved back into the dating world by her gay best friend, whether she likes it or not!

If you are interested in supporting our efforts to finish the film and submit it to festivals, we are still fundraising. Thanks!!!


Like everybody else, I'm figuring out new ways to work from home now! We are still finishing up the film and I am teaching remotely. If you are looking for ways to expand into the specifics of film acting, improving your self-tapes, create your own characters, and tell stories that are important to you that you believe should exist in the world, please reach out! This is a particularly good time to work on your online submission materials, as that must be the new normal until we find out more. Stay safe, friends!